Advanced  Engineering Technology and Design

"Success at a Reasonable Cost"

Who We Are

Corporate Culture

The founder has developed a reputation through hard work, dedication, innovation and customer satisfaction. We believe that making customers part of the working  group environment provides them with insight to their final product and allows them to understand and learn. We believe that vision and the ability to solve complicated problems is part of the formula that makes us unique and makes us stand apart from other technology companies.  Our experience allows us to provide services and products in a cost effective environment. These cultural elements are transferred to all of our employees and partners.



As a small business ethics are the most important element of our work.  We believe that honesty, dedication, reliability, hard work, and professionalism will be the key parts of our success in the future.  These elements translate into positive customer relationships that produce continuing business with satisfied customers.



National Engineering Technologies is a small business with a wide variety of systems design, analyses and integration capabilities.  As such, we depend on our partnerships with other large and small companies.  Additionally, NETI depends heavily on consultants and subcontractors. Combined, all of these entities formulate the key to our success. Our corporate culture has also been proven with our partners by using a team environment to help solve complicated problems and to help develop innovative systems.  



National Engineering Technologies was founded in 1985 by highly experienced engineers and business personnel having previous experience with government funded programs.  The key founder determined that the corporate goals would be aimed at reducing government costs associated with systems development and minimizing production costs.