Advanced  Engineering Technology and Design

"Success at a Reasonable Cost"


National Engineering Technologies employees and partners have a diverse background in engineering, testing, specifications development, software, aerospace, commercial electronics, business and program management. While a significant portion of our background is associated with government programs, we also have satisfied customers in the commercial sector of business.


Previous Customers

As a small and emerging business, our present customer base as a corporation is not as large as other well established corporations. Nevertheless, our employees have significant experience dealing with customers in the following departments:

  • Aerospace – Coleman Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, BAE, L3, ATK, McDonnel Douglas, and others.
  • US government – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, DARPA, ARL, ARDEC, AMRDEC and others.

Technical Experience

National Engineering Technologies is a small business with a wide variety of systems design, analysis and integration capabilities.  Our engineering capabilities include the following areas:

  •  Systems design, development and analyses
  •  Systems integration
  •  Electronics engineering and development
  •  Systems and electronics testing
  •  Systems and subsystems specifications
  •  Autopilot development, design, synthesis
  •  Simulation modeling, integration, analyses, development
  •  Software development, integration, testing
  •  Technical writing and specifications
  •  Algorithm development and integration
  •  Guided and unguided systems